Wholistic Approach to the Design Process

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The majority of our work is repeat business with additional work from existing client referrals. Our strength as a firm is that we listen to our clients and make their needs a top priority.

We care about each and every client.

Over 90% of all our projects have been built. This is an extraordinary record considering the firm was established in 1977 and the economic environment has not always been conducive to construction and architecture.

As a result, we have a stellar reputation and have been recommended by dozens of Construction Managers and Contractors & Engineers. This is a tribute to our dedication, flexibility and commitment to producing a smooth-running project that meets the objectives of a discerning clientele.


client: MCCC Daycare | photographer: hugh loomis

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innovative design

informed social commitment

That home should be comfortable, cozy and feel very much lived-in.

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We're able to provide clients with a wide variety of planning and feasibility study services to determine the ultimate viability of a project or concept.


We have a long and established relationships with several consulting engineers resulting in very successful projects that can be delivered with the highest quality in the shortest possible time.

Mechanical/Electrical/ Structural Engineering

The complete integration of the architectural and interior design professionals in one setting allows us to provide clients with a more comprehensive planning and aesthetic solutions to their projects.

Interior Design

The services we offer cover each and every project stage, from initial programmatic research and historical evaluation, through construction management.

Architectural Services

what we offer

Buildings need to be healthy and productive for those utilizing them as well as cost effective to both operate and maintain through the use of efficient water design, eco-friendly materials and renewable resources. 

We believe that accurately defining the current and future needs of our clients, assisting with site selection, building orientation and smart spatial design contribute to reducing the negative impact of our buildings on the environment.

Buildings need to be healthy and productive.

we believe that architecture must be sustainable

client: holman bmw | photographer: hugh loomis

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